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So Much Data!

“There’s really no other place to get this kind of holistic information. Seriously, no one else pulls together drug research, business, and safety data into a single perspective. Kudos to CDD for creating BioHarmony as a FAIR Data platform!”

— Julia Davies | Cheminformatics Scientist

A Wealth of Information

“The wealth of information is mind-blowing with so many rabbit holes to explore... but BioHarmony helps us find what drug information is available quickly.”

— Dr. Steve Olson | Executive Director of Medicinal Chemistry

A Must-Have for Modern Drug Discovery

“This is state of the art information, business intelligence, and data services for the drug discovery industry. It’s a must have for all constituents of the drug discovery industry to make better decisions. Anyone in the drug discovery supply chain would find this resource invaluable.”

— David Stern | Corporate Development & Investments Leader

Keeps Us Up-to-Date

“Access to the latest FDA Approved Drug list simplifies keeping our drug repurposing and bioactivity libraries up-to-date.”

— Dr. Ian Pass | Director of High-Throughput Screening

Integrates Easily with Our Own Data

“Standard identifiers and formats (csv/json) make integrating with our internal data easy.”

— Dr. Paul Kung | Informatics Scientist