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[COVID-19 Potential Therapeutics]

Includes access to the collection of COVID-19 Potential Therapeutic Drugs, including all current and future drug reports in the set (within a given subscription period).

The [COVID-19 Potential Therapeutic Drugs] data set contains over 70 drug reports.

One example of an included drug report data is shown below for Veklury.

Read the BioHarmony COVID-19 Case Study conducted using a subset of the 10 most frequently evaluated drugs in clinical trials against COVID-19 as of April 2021.

The case study includes a FREE 30-day trial evaluation of the study data set, [Case Study: Key COVID-19 Drugs].


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coronavirus, coronavirus infections, virus diseases

Drug Class


Antivirals: adenosine analogs acting as RNA polymerase inhibitors

Image (chem structure or protein)

Remdesivir structure rendering