Biopharmaceutical Data Solutions

Up-To-Date Information Advantage ⇒ Increased Productivity


Research and Safety

Exploit up-to-date preclinical, clinical, real world evidence and post approval drug information.


Informatics & IT

Reduce the burden of accessing, visualizing, and integrating semantically structured data from hundreds of sources via a zero-maintenance hosted solution.

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Team Leadership

Make more informed decisions with standardized, integrated data and analyses.


Business Intelligence

Make effective decisions with company, financial, disease, and drug information. Access clinical trials, emerging indications, research trends, patent cliffs, drug revenue, epidemiology and more in a single view.


Venture Capital & Investor

Increase investment potential on up-to-the-day biopharma trends, including changes in clinical trials, patents, publication statistics and reimbursement codes together with financial trends.


Media Content

Build content and applications using semantically structured, real-time drug, disease, patient, regulatory, clinical, reimbursement and company information via automated data streams.