Your Centralized Source for Semantic Drug Data

From discovery to commercialization, BioHarmony offers real-time data streams on any drug.

BioHarmony annual subscription includes details on:

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Automated Data Collection for Optimized Workflow.

Manual data collection is inefficient, incomplete, instantly-outdated, and siloed.

Bioharmony uses a semantic web crawling engine powered by proprietary search technology to continuously extract new information from all public data nodes and feed it back to the BioHarmony platform. There, a second bot extracts, annotates, and pivots information in new and unique ways to power your research.

Our data reports are:



BioHarmony provides data from across the drug lifecycle to inform discovery, clinical, and commercialization activities.



Automated data streams are updated daily to ensure data is never outdated or inaccurate.



Data streams are collated into structured, machine-readable formats ready for downstream analytics and modeling.



Comprehensive drug information from numerous sources is harmonized via the use of unambiguous semantic identifiers.

BioHarmony Puts Metadata to Work for You

BioHarmony Semantic Drug Data Store: Launch Day Webinar

BioHarmony Semantic Drug Data Store Demonstration

1:00:00 · WEBINAR, RECORDED LIVE 01 April 2021

BioHarmony is a centralized drug data store, providing semantic data on preclinical, clinical, and postapproval developments. Join Dr. Samantha Jeschonek (Product Manager) and Dr. Whitney Smith (Director, Business Development) for a quick tour of the data packages that have wide ranging applications in drug discovery and commercialization.

Better Science Through Metadata


Dr. Ellen Berg and Dr. Isabella Feierberg discuss the importance of metadata and their vision for how assay annotation will shape the future of drug discovery.

CDD "Better Science Through MetaData" webinar thumbnail